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Choosing a health care facility

There are a number of factors you should consider when choosing a hospital or ambulatory surgical center. This Web site provides you with several quality measures and tools for comparison that can help you in your decision process.  Always consult with your doctor or health care provider about which health care facility would work best for you.

When talking to your doctor you may want to ask

  • Which health care facility do you personally work with?
  • Which health care facility would you recommend for my condition and why?
  • Were your other patients treated well at that hospital?

It will also be useful to know whether the health care facility

  • is accredited as meeting health and safety standards by a nationally recognized organization (e.g. The Joint Commission);
  • monitors, evaluates, and improves its quality of care;
  • is conveniently located for you;
  • has sufficient visiting hours and other rules that meet your needs;
  • is clean and comfortable; and
  • has rooms that offer privacy.

Your insurance company or health plan will be able to provide crucial information, such as whether

  • there are restrictions on which health care facilities you can go to for non-emergency care;
  • the amount you have to pay depends on which health care facility you use.

Choosing a hospital is not easy, and often you do not have a choice. Always use the information you find here in conjunction with your physician's or surgeon's advice. Always ask questions, and always voice concerns.

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