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Finding a Facility

  1. Begin using the Report Card by choosing a region on the map.  You can also search by ZIP code, facility name, or county. 

    find facility
  2. Click on any hospital or ambulatory surgical treatment center (ASTC) on the list to view all data for that single facility.  
  3. The Report Card contains many measures grouped under several categories.  Click on the tabs to see how the facility performed within each category.

    view measures
  4. Hover over any measure to read its description.

    measure description

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Selecting Multiple Facilities for Comparison

Add to your "My facilities" list in order to compare facilities' scores on various quality and safety measures.

  1. After choosing a region, select facilities by clicking their check boxes and then click "Compare Facilities".  To compare them, click "Compare Facilities" on the right.

    select facilities

  2. In order to view the performance of the facilities you selected, choose any of the measures on the drop-down box at the top of the report, or you may view each measure in order by clicking the arrows at either side of the measures.

    compare facilities

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Understanding the Data


Within the health care-associated infections measures, you will see green, yellow, and red icons.  Green indicates that the facility performed significantly above average. Yellow denotes average performance, red indicates performance significantly below the national average.

Comparison icons

Using the Results

  • In comparing hospitals and ambulatory surgical treatment centers, it is important to consider all factors that make up a facility's performance and not just results of a particular measure.
  • Determinations about performance should not be made based on small percentage differences that may not be meaningful.
  • Performance on any measure will vary from year to year.
  • Each patient's condition is unique, and no hospital stay is the same.
  • Always consult a physician about any medical conditions, use this report to learn about your options.
  • Feel free to talk about any of the information you see here with your health care provider.

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