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Illinois Hospital Report Card User Guide

The first step in using the Hospital Report Card is to select a facility. Begin by selecting the search icon in the menu to search the database or select a county on the interactive counties map (homepage only). You can also use the quick search sub-module on interior pages of the site, like this one.

Facility Search

The facility search function can be found by selecting the search icon in the menu bar. This is a multi-function search where you can search for names of facilities, cities, counties or even zip codes. For a list of the closest facilities to your current location, select “Use My Location” button. The resulting list can be refined by choosing a facility type from the drop-down menu, and sorted by criteria you select in the Order By drop down.

Facility Search Results

In the Facility Search Results, you will see some basic information about each facility that matches your search. Each facility has their city, patient recommendation, number of beds (or operating rooms if the facility is an ambulatory surgery center). If you used your geographic location in the search, the proximity to your current location is also listed.

To view an individual facility’s report card, choose “View Hospital” or “View ASC” for that facility in the search results. Alternatively, you can click or tap on the facility name.

To compare multiple facilities, choose “Add to Facility Comparison” on each of the facilities you’d like to compare then select “Compare” in the Facility Comparison list. (See the section on facility comparison for more detail).

Viewing the Report Card for an Individual Facility

Information relating to a facility is organized and navigated using a submenu. Each sub-page contains the data for related measures. By default, the most recent reported data is displayed first. Historical data can also be viewed if available – see the section on Viewing Historical Data for more detail.

The data for all measures of an individual hospital can be downloaded in CSV format by clicking the Export All link on the hospital’s report card page.

Measures contained on the sub-pages have a variety of display methods based on the type of data being presented. Many contain state and national average data for context. This report card is interactive, and in most cases, you can select the type of visual display you prefer, i.e., bar chart, line chart or table view. Note: When viewing charts, hovering your mouse over various elements can reveal additional data.

Data presented can also be downloaded on a measure-by-measure basis by clicking the download link associated with each.

Individual measures can be expanded to reveal additional information about the data being displayed, as well as historical data. The double chevron symbol indicates that a section can be expanded to reveal descriptions of the data, as well as historical values.

HRC Sub-Pages and their contents


    Overview – Information about the facility including location, contact information, links to their website, State Designations, and active programs such as Organ Transplant. This sub-page also contains statistical information about the Patient Insurance Mix for the facility.

    Patient Experience – Scores collected by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) from patient satisfaction surveys (HCAHPS – Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems).

    Services – This section shows the number of patients visiting this facility for certain conditions or procedures.

    Staffing/Beds – Measures related to Nurse and consultant staffing for various departments.

    Quality – Measures relating to quality of care provided by the facility such as readmission and mortality rates.

    Patient Safety – Measures relating to infections acquired during hospital stays and immunization practices for hospital staff.

    Maternal/Child – Measures concerning childbirth safety, quality and breast-feeding statistics.

Ambulatory Surgery Centers

  • Overview – Information about the facility including location, contact information, number of operating rooms, Hospital Transfer Relationships and a link to their website (if available).
  • Revenue – Statistics regarding the various revenue sources (insurance/private pay) for the facility.
  • Services – Services the facility offers, number of patients and median charges associated with them.

Measure Search

The measure search function can be found by selecting "Facility Comparison / Measure Search" on the homepage, or by clicking the "Compare Facilities by Measure" button on the Facility Search page. This is a multi-function search where you can compare a single measure between your selected facilities, and facilities in a specific city, county, or state.

Comparing Facilities

Facilities of a single type (Hospital or Ambulatory Surgery Center) can be compared to one another on a measure-by-measure basis. Up to 6 specific facilities can be compared simultaneously. Add facilities to your compare list by selecting the “Add to Facility Comparison” button for each hospital on their individual report card or from within search results.

Facilities that you select for comparison will appear in the Facility Comparison Panel. This panel is in the top of the right column on desktop browsers, or inline with other page content on mobile devices. You can remove individual facilities from this list by selecting the trash icon next to the facility name.

Note: You may add both Hospitals and Ambulatory Surgery Centers for comparison, however, they will only be compared to facilities of the same type as they have different measures associated with them. Only facilities with data for the latest reporting period of the selected measure will show in the comparison.

Once you have selected your facilities, select the “Compare” button at the bottom of the Facility Comparison panel. You will be presented with a list of your selected facilities. Below this list is a measure search, where you can search for, or select a measure via dropdown.

When you select an individual measure to compare facilities by, you will see each facility from your comparison list along with their associated values. Only facilities from your comparison list which have data for the selected measure will show in the results. It is also possible that no facilities appear for a selected measure, in this case the message “No matching data found for your selected facilities” will appear.

Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAI)

Healthcare-Associated Infections, or HAIs, are infections acquired by patients during the course of receiving treatment for other conditions within a health care setting. This section contains information about HAIs as well as individual reports for each facility.

To view HAI data for a facility, add them to the facility comparison list and then navigate to the HAI page. Individual links to each hospital’s HAI data will appear below each facility at the top of the page. If you have no hospitals in your facility comparison list, the message “No facilities selected” will appear with a link to add facilities.


Utilize the searchable glossary by choosing “Glossary” from the menu or simply start typing in the glossary panel on the page. This interactive search will begin showing results which match your input as soon as you begin typing.

State Reports and Trends

This section of the Illinois Hospital Report Card contains downloadable pdf reports for various topics.

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