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HIV Care and Resources

The Illinois HIV Care Connect program consists of eight regional lead agencies that provide comprehensive medical care and supportive services for Illinois residents with HIV/AIDS. The program focuses on a set of core services including outpatient health care, mental health, oral health, nutrition therapy and substance abuse care (see The regional agencies provide services through the coordination of local providers, and assist local advisory boards in assessing service needs and identifying gaps in services.

The Illinois AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) provides FDA-approved medications to low-income HIV+ individuals who have little or no insurance coverage. ADAP prescribes 80 drugs that have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration for antiretroviral therapies, and there has never been a waiting list. This program includes an array of treatments and therapies for opportunistic infections, HIV-related diseases and treatment for side effects. Program policies allow for a maximum of two-month supply of drug to assist a client who is relocating to another state, if there is no other payer source for accessing prescription drugs. For more information, call the ADAP hotline at 800/825-3518 or visit