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Insight Hospital & Medical Center

Chicago, IL
Voluntary non-profit - Church

Patients that would definitely recommend

25% lower than the state average | Based on a national, standardized survey of hospital patients.

Hospital Information

Name Insight Hospital & Medical Center
License No. 6247
Address 2525 South Michigan Avenue
Chicago, IL 60616
Phone (312) 567-2000

State Designations

Perinatal 0

Hospitals with no obstetric services available.

Primary Stroke Center

As certified and defined by a nationally recognized certifying body, PSCs are hospitals that meet standards to support better outcomes for stroke care, including the following: a dedicated stroke-focused program, staffing by qualified medical professionals trained in stroke care, coordination of post-discharge patient self-care, and other eligibility standards. Certified PSC hospitals may pursue voluntary designation from the Illinois Department of Public Health by submitting verification of the PSC national certification and a completed Application for Stroke Center Designation to the Department of Public Health.

Patient Insurance Mix

Inpatient Insurance Mix

What portion of the patients have this source as their payor.


Outpatient Insurance Mix

What portion of the patients have this source as their payor