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Mount Sinai Hospital

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Patients, Median Length of Stay, and Median Charge

This section shows the number of patients visiting this facility for certain conditions or procedures. IDPH used discharge data provided by the hospitals to calculate the length of stay and charge. Your length of stay and billable amount may vary greatly; always consult your physician or patient advocate.

Per Section 4-4 of the Illinois Health Finance Reform Act, hospitals "shall make available to prospective patients information on the normal charge incurred for any procedure or operation the prospective patient is considering”. Hospitals are required to post established charges for services. Several other Illinois laws promote fair and reasonable billing practices amongst hospitals, including the Fair Patient Billing Act and the Uninsured Patient Discount Act.

All measures below are calculated for all patients unless otherwise specified.


Key Description
10 The number of cases is too small (<25) to reliably tell how well a hospital is performing.
41 No data is available for this measure.
Major Diagnosis