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Emergency Department services

Emergency Departments (EDs) play a vital role in the health care of our nation, providing care for patients with emergent health needs and meeting the sudden demands of natural disasters, trauma, and public health emergencies. While visits to Emergency Departments have grown over the last several decades, timely and effective care is essential to ensure quality patient outcomes. Delays in treatment can put patients at risk and cause undue harm. This section provides information about wait time to be seen in the Emergency Department. This data comes from


Emergency Departments sometimes put incoming ambulance traffic on “bypass”, diverting the traffic to other local Emergency Departments. This may be an indication of how effectively a hospital manages its internal work flow, or it can be related to major events such as power outages, large scale accidents or natural disasters, etc. Not all Emergency Departments experience the need for “bypass” initiation. Left AMA is sourced from Discharge Data, and both bypass measures are sourced from Emergency Medical Services and reported by individual hospitals.